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Kean University / Drexel BS/MD 4+4 prggram - December 1, 2012
5 year Bachelor / Master program - March 1, 2013
Engineering Sceince - March 1, 2013
Biomedicine - March 1, 2013


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New Jersey Center for Science, Technology & Mathematics

The NJ Center for Science, Technology & Mathematics (NJCSTM) is the home for highly qualified Kean University students who wish to pursue rigorous science and mathematics majors within the context of interdisciplinary study.

  • NJCSTM offers a five year, combined bachelor/master degree with five options, three for the preparation of secondary science and mathematics teachers (biology, chemistry, and mathematics) and two leading to research careers in science and technology (molecular biology/biotechnology and computational applied mathematics). There is an articulation agreement with Raritan Valley Community College whereby candidates for the associates degree in biotechnology can apply to transition with junior status into the NJCSTM five year bachelor/master degree scientist-research track.
  • NJCSTM offers a four year bachelor’s degree program option in biomedicine for students intending to go onto to graduate training in medicine, physical therapy or related fields. Within this biomedicine option is a 4+4 dual admission linkage program with Drexel University College of Medicine and St. Peter’s University Hospital.
  • NJCSTM offers a convenient part-time or full-time M.S. Biotechnology Science graduate progam for applicants holding a science bachelor’s degree.

B.S. in Science & Technology / Engineering Science

The New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (NJCSTM) offers an exciting opportu-nity for students wishing to pursue careers in engineering science. Kean University and the New Jersey In-stitute of Technology (NJIT) have partnered to offer the Engineer Science Scholars Program to highly qualified undergraduate students. Students in this program who meet all the requirements while in college are awarded the B.S. in Science & Technology / Engineering Science degree from NJCSTM at Kean Uni-versity then complete their Master’s degree in The College of Engineering at NJIT. Read more >>


Bachelor/Master Five Year, Combined Degree Program

Students must make a formal application for admission to NJCSTM during the first half of their senior year in high school in order to be considered to enter NJCSTM as incoming Kean University freshmen. Once admitted, freshmen take the mandatory coursework in the Center major. For students enrolled in the five year program, the B.S. in Science and Technology is the undergraduate component of a five-year program leading to a Master's degree. Freshmen begin their course of study by taking a year of general chemistry, integrated with mathematics covering calculus and computational analysis. Sophomores study physics and biology, linked with linear algebra, probability and statistics. Applying mathematics to the solution of scientific problems is emphasized and students extend their learning in the laboratory portion of the mathematics courses through the use of computational software to study complex systems and their behavior. For students in the five year program, by the end of sophomore year, they select a track option for the B.S degree. Read more >>

Bachelor of Science in Science & Technology / Biomedicine Option Degree Program

Students in the NJCSTM Biomedicine Option are prepared to graduate at the end of four years with a rigorous science content bachelor's degree that will enable them to apply to their professional training school of their choosing. The majority of students in the biomedicine option will apply to graduate degree programs in medicine, biomedicine or physical therapy. For example, juniors in the biomedicine option may apply to UMDNJ's doctorate in physical therapy program (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey). Students may apply to schools conferring the M.D. (medical doctorate) degree, the D.O. (doctor of osteopathy) or related programs such as Ph.D. Biomedicine or equivalent. Read more >>

Bachelor of Science in Science & Technology / Biomedicine Drexel BS/MD Program

Kean University, Drexel University College of Medicine and St. Peter's University Hospital have formed a partnership offering a 4 + 4 Bachelor of Science/Medical Degree (BS/MD) Scholars Programto highly qualified undergraduate students. Students in this BS/MD Scholars Program will embark on an integrated study of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics in their freshman and sophomore year. Students then continue with upper level coursework concentrating in the biomedical sciences, including a preceptorship  in junior and senior years where they will experience medicine alongside physicians at St. Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. Upon graduation from Kean University's NJCSTM with their B.S. in Science & Technology degree, students will enter the first year medical school class at Drexel College of Medicine. Medical students return to St. Peter's University Hospital for at least one third year clerkship and at least one fourth year rotation. Read more >>

Graduate program in Biotechnology for students already holding a Bachelors degree

The Master of Science program in Biotechnology is a 34 credit program that prepares students for research in the expanding field of biotechnology through course work and laboratory experience. Many students attend the program part-time while working in industry, as courses are scheduled in the evenings. Graduates become proficient in state-of-the-art technologies and are prepared to seek employment/advancement in biotech/pharma or to continue their study toward the Ph.D. degree in other graduate programs in related fields. Read more >>